Willowside – Bodega Bay Loop

Willowside – Bodega Bay Loop

This ride is mostly rural and the roads, with a few exceptions, have light automobile traffic. After your climb to Occidental the route takes you through a refreshing redwood forest. As you continue westward you will probably find Bodega Bay fogged in during the summer months but any other time you should be rewarded with some beautiful views of the Pacific. If you want to stop in Bodega Bay for a rest stop then turn left where Bay Hill reconnects with Highway 1 (or you can omit Bay Hill from your route and roll through all of Bodega Bay). Heading north out of Bodega Bay the next turn (2.2 miles from Bay Hill) is Coleman Valley Road which is not marked  (as of 9/16/2011) so you have to watch for it. Initially this road has a steep climb as it heads east and leaves the coast behind you. You’ll be glad you made that climb because the road maintains a high elevation and rewards you with some amazing vistas before you head back down to Occidental.

This ride is shown starting on Willowside Road at the end of the Prince Memorial Greenway. One could easily add this multi-use path onto their ride . If you are starting and ending in downtown Santa Rosa then you would add about 12 miles to your ride. I enjoy this path as a nice warmup before a ride and then again as a cool-down after a hard ride. Just remember that if you are using this path as part of your ride that it is a multi-use path and when cycling you need to watch out for the occasional wayward pedestrian, oblivious cruiser cyclists and dogs and/or their leash.



44.6 Miles


+ 4435 / - 4435 Feet


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