Sebastopol and Sweetwater

Sebastopol and Sweetwater

This is a sweet (no pun intended) little ride with one really good climb in the middle of it. Ragle Ranch Regional Park is a popular location as a start/finish point for many¬†group rides. Much of the first and last parts of this route take you on the West County Trail. This is a mixed use trail that seems to be primarily used by cyclists but remember to yield to pedestrians. The best part of this route is Sweetwater Springs Road. It has one long section that passes through a cow field. There are no fences so don’t be alarmed if you see cows in the road. Just slow down and give them a chance to amble out of your way. This road meanders and rolls along and there are many shaded sections. The big climb here starts out steep and maintains 10% to 15% grades until you get near the summit where it’s mostly 10% or less. After the summit the descent is even steeper in places so watch your speed as this is a narrow road and there are many sharp switchbacks and blind corners. Near the end of the descent you will pass a decrepit mine. This is the abandoned Sonoma Mercury Mine which, along with the Contact Mercury Mine, is can-of-worms we that we don’t need to go into here. Enjoy!


46 Miles


3,200 Feet


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