Uber-Bike open for business!

Uber-Bike open for business!

A word from the owner:


I am a cycling enthusiast. I don’t race bicycles, never have and, at my age, it’s safe to say I never will. But that doesn’t keep me from enjoying riding on the same kind of bicycles that you might see in a race. The feel of a well built frame rolling on performance wheels is, in the world of cycling, hard to beat. I’m also fortunate to live in a place where the opportunities for cycling are fantastic. It’s this enjoyment that I, and countless other cyclists,  get from riding around here that I would like to share with you.

I enjoy all kinds of cycling but I started this business to provide something the for competitive type of road-cyclists. There are other bicycle rental companies near us and if you want to rent an upright hybrid or a mid-range road bike then I heartily recommend them. However, if you are the kind of cyclist that enjoys 40, 60 or 80 mile rides with thousands of feet in elevation gain then you need a performance bike. Any one of the bikes I have for rent will do that for you.

Please enjoy your visit.

Denver Booker, Owner

Uber-Bike LLC | 6731 Sebastopol Avenue, Suite 120 | Sebastopol, CA | (707) 829-2688 | Open daily 10am to 6pm April 1st through October 31st