What equipment do you provide and what should I bring?

What equipment do you provide and what should I bring?

We know how one can be when it comes to their bike accessories. You don’t really need to bring anything but the following list of items are some things  you should bring to make your ride more enjoyable:

1. Shoes and pedals. We have a very small selection of “emergency” bike shoes so please being your own. We also recommend that you bring your own pedals. We have a limited supply of various road pedals should you forget yours, or if they have become permanently attached to your bike we will probably be able to take care of.

2. Saddle. Our bikes are rented with pretty good saddles but if you feel like that would be cheating on your own saddle then bring yours and we will mount it for you.

3. Helmet. It’s a bulky thing to pack and most heads accept a new helmet easily. We have a small supply of helmets for your use and we do rinse them after use so they wont seem too much like someone elses sweat-bucket.

4. Water bottles. If you don’t bring your own then we some available that you may purchase.

5. Floor pump.  If you have a multiple day rental then we will loan you a floor pump so that you can top off your tires if needed.

6. Patch kit. Each bike comes with a seat bag that contains a spare tube, CO2 inflator, tire levers, tube patches and a multi-tool. If you prefer a hand pump (there are some pretty nice ones that can fit in a jersey pocket) instead of CO2 then please bring your own.

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