King Ridge loop A from Duncan’s Mills

King Ridge loop A from Duncan’s Mills

King Ridge is a road that is included as a part of the incredible┬áLevi Leipheimer’s King Ridge Grand Fondo. The route we’ve mapped for you here is on some of the best of what The Fondo has to offer and it will take you some places the Fondo won’t. It has several long moderate to steep climbs and their accompanying twisting descents that are all in an area where you will see very few cars. What you will see is redwood forests, views of the pacific ocean, quiet rural farms . . . which will make you want to come back again and again. It’s a tough ride but well worth it!

An option to this is to not turn left at Fort Ross Road (at about mile 36) but instead continue down Meyers Grade and onto Highway One (descents here are not something to miss!) to the Russian River where you turn inland. It will save you a little climbing and you will be treated with sweet descents and a front row seat to the Pacific Ocean.


52 Miles


5,500 Feet


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