Trinity and Spring Mountain Roads from Santa Rosa

Trinity and Spring Mountain Roads from Santa Rosa

Starting in Santa Rosa, this is a moderate ride with a couple of pretty good climbs in it. Heading up Sonoma Valley you will make your way to the first major climb, Trinity Road. Near the summit, at Cavedale Road, there is a fire station that has a faucet that is very handy for topping off water bottles. The descent into Napa Valley is on one of the better roads around here, but watch your speed because there are some sharp swith-backs that can surprise you. Riding up Napa Valley can be done on Highway 29 but there is a LOT of traffic on this road so our route takes you across the valley to Silverado Trail, which is a much nicer road for cycling. St. Helena is a good halfway point so if you want to refuel then this would be a good place. You will find many options available here. The second climb, Spring Mountain,  should not be underestimated as it is initially an easy grade and the real climbing starts about halfway into your ascent. What makes this climb challenging though is that it is a continuous climb without any flat spots or undulations where you might get a break. The descent to Calistoga Road is typical Sonoma County pavé so be careful on the blind corners and watch for potholes and other surprises. The short climb up Calistoga can be a little nerve-racking because there isn’t much shoulder but on the plus side cars can see you from a distance and then once you get to the top you will be able to keep up with the cars, but if you are a fast descender then the cars wont be able to keep up with you. At the end of this route  you will go by by Mary’s Pizza Shack which has outdoor dining so if you are looking for a place to revel in your accomplishment this is a good place.  Enjoy!


56 Miles


4600 Feet


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