Glen Ellen Bodega Bay Loop

Glen Ellen Bodega Bay Loop

Here is a ride where you can really stretch your legs out. With our valleys generally running north to south, you will face some mountains climbs when going east and west. One rewarding aspect of crossing mountains is you will find yourself transported to a completely new micro-climate which can make you feel like you’ve traveled much farther than you have. Be sure to bring layers because temps can be 30 degrees F/ 15 degrees C cooler on the coast than in Glen Ellen. Along the way you will see some fantastic views and as you travel west the vineyards will gradually be replaced by livestock farms. Since this is a long hard ride I made the last part pretty easy and flat. Going through Howarth and Spring Lake Parks can be confusing to a newcomer but you can ask a local, of which there will be plenty. You may even find some other cyclists going your direction that you can follow.


84 miles Miles


6,000 feet Feet


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