Willow Creek Loop

Willow Creek Loop

Willow Creek Road is one of our best gravel options for cyclists. As far as gravel roads go this one could spoil you. It’s got a smooth (for gravel) and well compacted base and any areas of loose gravel are pretty easy to avoid. Many do this on a road bike with road bike tires just fine, but it’s more fun with a bigger tire. The entire road is about 10 miles long with the middle 5 miles being closed to traffic. At the lower elevation this road usually sports some impressive potholes which sometimes can look like an innocent puddle, so tread carefully. From the bottom the climbing begins where the road is closed to traffic. Most of the climb will be under a thick forest canopy but near the top you will roll through some clear areas with some panoramic views of the coastal hills. This route takes you to the coast via Coleman Valley Road where you will get to practice some technical descending then north on Highway One to Willow Creek.


53 Miles


4,300 Feet


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