About Our Bikes for Rent

It’s true that any bike will roll well on smooth pavement but not all will do well on an uneven patched and pot-holed country road. With that in mind, many of our bikes are the same models that would perform best on a cobblestoned “spring classics” type of course because those are the bikes that will perform best on our back-roads. These roads may not the best quality but, as all local cyclists know, they provide miles and miles of beautiful scenery and nearly traffic-free riding.

Advances in wheels and tires for road bikes are something we have stayed on the leading edge with. Our road bikes are all available with upgraded wide rim wheels and larger tires which, combined with lower tire pressure, decreases rolling resistance, makes for a more comfortable ride and provides for superior cornering.

Many of the climbs here have sections with steep grades, sometimes exceeding 16%.  With that in mind all bikes we have been equipped with climbing gears. Descents tend to be very technical and we always caution riders to approach blind turns as if there could are major potholes, loose gravel or oncoming vehicles beyond your line of sight.

A word of caution, these are high-performance bicycles and in the interest of safety they are intended for experienced cyclists only. Our goal is for you to have fun but we can’t rent these bikes to riders that are not familiar with their use. The are the same bikes you may see used on race circuits and their “aggressive” geometry requires a riding style that can be challenging for some. If you are looking for a more upright and “relaxed” hybrid or cruiser type bike then check out our Sebastopol Bike Center website.

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