About Us


I am a cycling enthusiast. I’ve never raced but that doesn’t keep me from enjoying riding on the same kind of bikes that you might see in a race. The feel of riding a race-worthy frame with performance wheels on some of the best roads for cycling in the world is hard to beat. It’s my good fortune to live here, where the opportunities for cycling are incredible, and it’s this enjoyment that I, and countless other cyclists,  get from riding around here that I would like for you to enjoy as well.

To make things easy for you I pre-size the bike to your fit and I deliver to where you are staying. Deliveries in the Sebastopol area are free. If you are keeping the bike overnight then you will be given a loaner floor pump so you can top off tire pressure as needed. I also provide routes with cue-sheets tailored to your abilities. Just brig your kit, shoes, pedals, helmet and water bottles. (water bottles are available in our shop and we have loaner helmets)

I started this business to provide something the for the competitive type of road-cyclists. There are other bicycle rental companies near us and if you want to rent an upright hybrid then see please visit our Sebastopol Bike Center website. However, if you are the kind of cyclist that enjoys pushing to your limits on demanding and challenging rides then you need a performance bike. Any one of the bikes I have for rent will do that for you.

Rent one of our bikes and ride fast and far and school your climb.

Denver Booker, Owner


TESTIMONIALS: (People keep asking me about this so I’m gradually going through my old correspondence.)

“Bike is terrific . . . Great job on the fit too, felt like I was on my bike.”  Jim

“The service was great, the bike even better, and the rides were spectacular.”  Wade
“Bike fit was great!”  Tom
“Thanks for a great experience renting from you this week in Santa Rosa.  Your customer service is outstanding and the bike was oh so sweet.”  Bill

Uber-Bike LLC | 6731 Sebastopol Avenue, Suite 120 | Sebastopol, CA | (707) 829-2688 | Open daily 10am to 6pm April 1st through October 31st