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Glen Ellen Carneros Loop

This is a very rewarding route that takes you over the Mayacamas Mountains and into Napa Valley. The retune to Sonoma Valley takes you around the southern edge of the Mayacamas and through the Carneros Wine Region. The main climb is on Cavedale Road which is lightly trafficked and offers many beautiful views of Sonoma Valley. There is a Volunteer …

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Glen Ellen Cavedale Loop

Here is a short ride but the climb up Cavedale Road packs plenty of intensity. Local cyclists use this road a lot for schooling their climb. You’ll find very little car traffic on this road and you might even see more bikes than cars. The road surface is rough enough to keep most cyclists from descending on this road so …

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Glen Ellen Bodega Bay Loop

Here is a ride where you can really stretch your legs out. With our valleys generally running north to south, you will face some mountains climbs when going east and west. One rewarding aspect of crossing mountains is you will find yourself transported to a completely new micro-climate which can make you feel like you’ve traveled much farther than you …

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